The true taste of Pakistani cuisine in Dubai.

Dubai is home to more than 1.2 million Pakistanis, and many more people from other backgrounds who love Pakistani food. So we thought why not give all Pakistani food lovers the real taste of Pakistani cuisine in Dubai? And that’s how Liyari Express came into being!

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We always satisfy your cravings for spicy, delicious food.

Liyari Express’ menu features a variety of delicious dishes so you can satisfy all your cravings! We have the best Biryani, Chicken Karhai, Nihari, Chicken Tikka, Achari Gosht and whatnot! You name it, we got it. All dishes are served with hot Naan so you get to enjoy these dishes to the maximum. All our foods are made by our top chefs who have years of experience making traditional Pakistani cuisine. Using the best quality, fresh ingredients gives our food that rich taste you’re looking for. Be sure to enjoy the food with a glass of our cold, rich Lassi and make the most of your meal!

Enjoy some delectable classic Pakistani desserts.

Our menu also has some classic Pakistani desserts because we know how many people love desserts like Gulab Jamun, Shahi Kheer, and more! The richness of our desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth easily because we make them using authentic recipes and fresh ingredients.

A restaurant that feels like home.

Liyari Express is all about making people feel at home as they enjoy the best of Pakistani cuisine in Dubai. Our restaurant environment is well lit and inviting, so everyone feels comfortable! Our service staff is friendly and always ready to serve you hot and freshly made food and desserts. .

Come in and have a taste of Pakistani food like never before! Liyari Express opens its doors to all so everyone can enjoy a delicious Pakistani meal.

Liyari Express

Ahmed Yousuf Baquer Building,
Ground Floor Opposite Lamcy Plaza,
Oud Metha Bur Dubai, Dubai

Call 050 519 7689

Call 04 396 5540


12:00 PM - 1:00 AM